Subject Please reading before official trading :)
Date 2019-06-06

Q : Am I right understand you have your own factory


 are you really original manufacturer for eyelash extensions?

A : No doubt that's true.

 We're the first generation of manufacturing plants in existence.

(Separate from the Distribution)

An extension eyelash product has been manufactured in Asia by the first generation of Korean members.

We are one of those members.

Q : Could you send us samples and what should we do to receive samples?

A : Of course. Please refer to this post.

Q : What is your MOQ per order? and MOQ per each SKU/article?

A : The first order quantity is 3000 pieces.

After that, small quantities are available for additional orders.

So, SKU is 10 units.

Because the inner box is unconditionally packed with 10 pieces.

Q : If you have DDP price or other delivery options send us it too please.

A : We prefer FOB (Free On Board).

Q : Could you send us more information about material?

A : We have various material in Korea, Japan and China

as well as BASF in Germany.

Q : Could you provide what types of adhesive tapes do you use?

A : Of course, we have various types of adhesive tapes.

If you tell us what type you want, we are ready to use it.

And we recommend 3mm.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail.

Q : What payment terms and options do you have for the first order and usually work?

A : T/T (Telegraphic Transfer).

Q : Do you have portfolio list brands you work with?

A : It is NDA.

Q : Can you send me the catalog of your company?

A : We are not a wholesaler, so we do not have a catalog.

Q : What should I do if my product is defective?

A : Do not worry, we will guarantee after-sales service within 6 months after shipment.


Thank you !